M+M Partners



Audrey Stimpson

The Madison half of the company and is based in New York. As Creative Director for M+M, she oversees projects, clients, and brands. With a Masters in Fashion Photography and with experience as a creative consultant, studio manager, producer, photographer, and videographer, Audrey is the lead on photo and video for all social content. 

Founder, CEO, + Creative Director

Photographer + Videographer


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Christine Buzan

Based between New York and Los Angeles, Christine Buzan is the other half of M+M.  With a strong background in Digital Production and Acquisition, Christine has worked with companies such as Full Picture, Theodora & Callum, Imagine Fashion, and L'Occitane en Provence to establish their digital content and paid media strategies. Christine acts as the head of Social and Digital Marketing, where she assists clients with developing their digital presence and assisting their product in reaching their target audiences.

Head of Social and Digital Marketing


M+M Team Talent



Noelle Hubbell

Is based in Los Angeles. With a background working as a producer/director in the film and television industry, working most notably with NBC, Fox, Warner Brothers, and ABC, Hubbell is the go to contact for MM film production needs.

Lead Producer




Cassi Patterson

A Nashville based Graphic Designer, she is creatively motivated to develop powerful designs that propel the client's business forward whether it is through a simple logo, brand identity, designing large or small scale advertisements, to website media. 

Lead Graphics Designer




Elaine Wellman

With more than 15 years experience planning, managing and marketing live events in New York, Elaine has organized galas, openings, niche trade shows, parties, conferences, workshops and more. She is also a business coach and retreat manager for transformational leaders. 

Head of Live Events



Chris Fitzgerald

A Los Angeles-based artist specializing in raw, intense, and telling images, creepy, meditative videos and the occasional badly rendered marker drawing.  A body piercer and tattooer for years and screamed for punk bands in his youth. Fitzgerald went back to college as an adult in Memphis and then somehow found himself in Los Angeles.

LA photographer



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Paul Lewis Anderson

Photographer + Videographer



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Seth Webster

Seth Webster is an accomplished photographer, filmmaker & multi-media creator. Currently residing in New York City, Seth works with agencies, corporations and individuals to realize creative portraits, producing everything from simple headshots to elaborate print-campaign imagery. He is described by those who work with him as someone who immediately puts subjects at ease, drawing them out, and capturing them at their very best.

Photographer + Filmmaker



Shannon Madden

Cinematographer and DP



Sean Bloemer

Commercial Cinematographer




Tali Kamer

App Consulting + Development



Jan Fort

Set Stylist